Yiddish Theatre in London Virtual Exhibition - Europeana

Judaica Europeana has launched a new virtual exhibition about the Yiddish theatre in London. The exhibition is based upon material from the Jewish Museum London. From the website:

"From the late 19th century, Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe brought a rich and expressive form of theatre to the East End of London.

Plays were performed in Yiddish, the language spoken by Central and Eastern European Jews. They ranged from comedy to tragedy, drawing on Yiddish folk tales, adaptations of Shakespeare and stories of immigrant life. The early 20th century was the heyday of Yiddish theatre in London, with packed theatres and long queues for tickets.

In this virtual exhibition you can find out more about the people, buildings and plays that made Yiddish theatre in London so special, as well as explore the unique collection of Yiddish theatre photographs, documents and objects held at the Jewish Museum London."