Yiddish Theatre Forum

The Yiddish Theatre Forum was a Mendele supplement edited by Joel Berkowitz (University at Albany) from 2002-2006:

"The Yiddish Theatre Forum (YTF), published under the auspices of Mendele, was founded in 2002 to foster greater interaction among scholars, artists, librarians, and lay people interested in the history of Yiddish theatre and drama. In addition to serving as a clearing house for queries about Yiddish theatre personnel, plays, and productions, the YTF publishes a variety of articles, reviews, and guides. So far these have included brief articles analyzing individual plays; guides to library and archival resources in the United States, Europe, and South Africa; and book reviews.

Recent years have brought a number of important new studies of Yiddish theatre. New books and scholarly articles have examined Yiddish theatre and drama in the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, and more distant hubs like Australia and South Africa. Such works have been undertaken by scholars based in many different countries, working in a variety of fields, and with a corresponding range of methodological approaches. The central purpose of the Yiddish Theatre Forum is to provide a place online where professional and lay students of Yiddish theatre can exchange ideas and information."

The link below gives access to the complete archives of the Yiddish Theatre Forum.