Yiddish Theater: A Love Story

This is a documentary from 2006:

"Yiddish Theater: A Love Story is a documentary film about Zypora Spaisman, the extraordinary 84-year-old actress and Holocaust survivor who has kept Folksbiene, the oldest running Yiddish theater in America, alive. This heartwarming story of one unique woman’s struggle portrays the fight of both an old art form to stay relevant and an old actress to find meaning and a stage in a society that worships youth.

Shot in real time in one of the coldest winters in New York, the film follows Zypora through the hectic week during which she must raise enough funding to keep her last show going and maybe even transfer it to Broadway.

The documentary incorporates rare interviews with some of the oldest legends of Yiddish Theater, including Shifra Lerer, Felix Fibich, and the late Seymour Rechzeit. It also captures places that are part of New York’s Jewish history and no longer exist, such as the original 2nd Avenue Deli along with its Yiddish walk of fame."

The website also has a good links page here.