Yiddish spell checker

From the website: "The Yiddish spell checker (YIVO) was created and is actualised by Simcha Taub of the ייִדיש לעבט - Yidish Lebt project. It is a side effect of the works on creating the Yiddish language corpus. Yiddish spell checker contains entries in standard YIVO orthography and is compatible with the previously developed specification, which assumes not using typographic ligatures in the simple text because of their special functions. This specification is currently used and respected by the majority of scientific institutions and Yiddish language publishing houses. First versions of the spell checker, which were unnumbered and weren’t widely spread, were based partly on Raphael A. Finkel’s MySpell dictionary available under LGPLv2+, GPLv2+ or MPLv1.1 licenses. The spell checker is developed and distributed in three versions: as pure Hunspell files and Mozilla and OpenOffice packages with the same version number. Each of them is available under double licenses: GPLv3+ and Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0." The Yiddish Spell Checker is available for: