Virtual Shtetl

The Virtual Shtetl is the Internet counterpart of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews which is currently being built in Warsaw:

"The Virtual Shtetl is an interactive, multimedia web portal devoted to the history and culture of the Jewish communities living in the towns and cities of both prewar and contemporary Poland. After its launching in the Internet, which took place on June 16th, 2009 it has become the biggest database concerning Jewish local history.

The portal offers information about the history of each presented town and its Jewish community, about Jewish historical monuments. It also provides practical information, such as GPS maps and details concerning local restaurants and accommodation. The description of each town is illustrated by an extensive audio-visual material – photos, videos, interviews, reproductions of old postcards, letters, documents and other mementoes. The portal is entirely bilingual (Polish-English). Currently you will find there:

• The history of 1349 towns,
• Over 30 thousands contemporary and archival photos,
• Over 180 videos and interviews.

Above all, the Virtual Shtetl portal is a community – a lively place of encounter between today’s inhabitants of the described towns, people interested in local history, discovering Poland’s multicultural heritage and those who have left Poland before or shortly after World War II, although they may still have vivid memories of those places."