Leonid Nevzlin Center for Russian and East European Jewry

From the website:

"Since the inauguration of its academic activities in November 2003, the Nevzlin Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has reenergized the study of the history, culture and tradition of Russian and East European Jewry on Mount Scopus and throughout Israeli academics.

The Nevzlin Center promotes multidisciplinary research and teaching of Russian and East European Jewish history and heritage at the Hebrew University and at other universities in Israel. The Center also enriches the field by hosting visiting scholars from abroad, promoting scholarly dialogue among faculty, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students, and providing access to the Hebrew University’s extensive research resources.

While its activities are concentrated mostly at the Hebrew University, the Nevzlin Center engages in a large array of cutting-edge international research projects designed to promote scholarly interaction between Israeli and non-Israeli researchers in our, and in related, fields. We have cooperated, and continue to cooperate, with many academic institutions and scholars in the former Soviet Union, Europe and the United States in the organization of research projects, conferences and world-class publications.

Created at the start of the 2003-2004 academic year through the vision and generosity of Mr. Leonid Nevzlin and supported by the NADAV Foundation, the Leonid Nevzlin Research Center is part of the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We are located in the Rabin Building on the Mount Scopus campus, which also houses our research library."