Workshop: Places and Media of Encounters. Transfer, Mediality and Situativity of Jewish Literatures at ICLA 2016

In current models and reflections on “new world literatures”– conceptualized in connection with migration, diaspora and exile – we encounter concepts of transfer, exchange and transmission (cf. „Travelling Concepts“ by Mieke Bal, „Literatures on the Move“ by Ottmar Ette, serial figures by Ruth Mayer). The proposed workshop aims at confronting and expanding these common models by concrete studies of Jewish literatures in diverse linguistic, cultural as well as historical contexts.

Our thematic and theoretical approach draws attention to three interlocked moments: phenomena of transmission between local and global as well as imperial and particular interests, between Jewish and non-Jewish literatures, between genre and knowledge. These phenomena can be understood and analyzed on three levels:

  • Languages: their semanticization and perception (for example “American English as Yiddish”; casteidish) in literary texts as well as on a metatextual level (labeling, systematization, visualization and metaphorization of Jewish literatures)
  • Texts and book forms: literary and pragmatic texts (feuilletons, literary ego-documents, collection books and anthologies etc.) as relay stations of time, knowledge and discourse
  • Literary figures as moments of transfer and encounter: processes of literary reception and translation through and in figures, forms of appropriation, adoption and transformation of literary figures as well as their change of genre and artistic medium.

We are interested in contributions discussing the topics outlined above in diverse historical, linguistic and cultural settings.

Please submit an abstract of 2000 characters (incl. spaces) online via the ICLA 2016 Homepage (Link: by August 31, 2015 indicating the section number (17093) and title of the workshop “Places and Media of Encounters. Transfer, Mediality and Situativity of Jewish Literatures.” (Link: in either English or German.

For further questions please contact Marianne Windsperger (University of Vienna):

21 July 2016 - 26 July 2016