Summer 2020 - Yiddish-ZOOM

Dates for this course are yet to be announced: for more information please contact Miriam Trinh: miriam.trinh [at] gmail [dot] com


Dear Students and Yiddish lovers,

As we closely follow the developments of the Corona Virus, we can’t foresee what the future will hold. Of course, above all, we are looking forward to a brighter and HEALTHIER future.

But, for now, as the summer is inching closer day by day, we feel the need (Corona Virus or not) to ask the question:


Clearly, this year’s program must look differently from everything we have had until now.

YO – Yiddish Ort is coming out with a new way that allows continuing the learning together with the international aspect of the summer program, even in this difficult time.

We do this as we think that learning Yiddish can help cheer us all up and make this time a bit more bearable.

YO-Yiddish Ort intends to organize an online summer course that will take place through the ZOOM app.

The “Zoom Program” this summer will be based on the following concept:

Duration: 2 weeks (Sunday – Thursday) 3 hours of learning a day 60 minute “Shmues” (conversation) classes twice a week A selection of interactive Zoom-lectures and movies online

Costs of the program:

• Full price: NIS 1,500

• Students under 30 years old: NIS 800 Payment will be accepted through a bank transfer or check.

The language teachers:

• Dr. Miriam Trinh and Eliezer Niborski (Jerusalem)

The conversation classes teachers:

• Yankl-Perets Blum (Jerusalem) and Reyze Turner (Paris)

Among the teachers of the literary workshops:

• Prof. Yitschok Niborski (Paris)

The following are the different cycles of the particular course levels:

1. For beginners:

5-7-20 – 16-7-20

2. For those who have learned a minimum of 5 years:

5-7-20 – 16-7-20

3. For those who have learned up to 2 years until now:

19-7-20 - 30-7-20

4. For those who have learned a minimum of 4 years until now:

19-7-20 - 30-7-20

5. For those who have learned a minimum of 3 years until now:

2-8-20 - 13-8-20

6. For those who want to refresh their “heymish” Yiddish:

2-8-20 - 13-8-20

DISCLAIMER: The exact hours for each level will be announced by the end of April.

In order to get everything ready in the best possible way, we need your cooperation, so please:

1. Let us know if you are interested, and if so, which cycle/level

2. Share this with your friends/other people who might be interested

Stay safe!

A sheynem DANK un blaybt GEZUNT! Thank you Eliezer and Miriam