Open air exhibition about the Bund in Warsaw

An open air exhibition about the Bund is currently on display in Warsaw:

"The aim of the exhibition "The Bund - General Jewish Workers' Union of Lithuania, Poland and Russia," is a reminder of the history of the greatest socio-political organization of Polish Jews before World War II. The exhibition will be available from 30 September to 22 October 2012, at the height of public space Chłodna 2 in Warsaw, in the form of 36 boards B1. The official opening of the exhibition will be held on Monday 2 October at 12:00 noon. Bund (Yiddish - Association), founded in 1897, was one of the most interesting socio-political and cultural minorities of the Second Republic. It shared the tragic story of Polish Jews, and after the war did not survive the Stalinization of the country. The most famous member Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Another member was Wladyslaw Kopaliński, a prominent cultural studies and encyclopedist."

The exhibition is organised by the Stowarzyszenie Społeczno - Kulturalne Warszawa w Europie.

The link below gives access to the accompanying online exhibition.

30 September 2012 - 22 October 2012