Knaanic Language - Structure and Historical Background

This conference about the Knaanic language includes several Yiddish-related papers:

"The goal of this conference is to address the complex problems of the so-called Knaanic language. We would like to focus on the main areas of the Judeo-Slavic research including Knaanic glosses in medieval Hebrew writings, cultural, historical and especially linguistic aspects of Judeo-Slavistics and the relation of the Knaanic glosses to the individual Slavic languages. Problems of origination of Yiddish and early Slavic layers in it shall also be addressed. The proceedings of the conference will be published in 2013. The conference is held as a part of the grant project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No. P406/11/0861 Canaanite Glosses in Medieval Hebrew Manuscripts with a Bond to the Czech Lands. See the call for papers for further information."

Yiddish-related papers:

  • W. Moskovich: From Leshon Knaan to Yiddish: some case studies.
  • D. Katz: Slavic/Knaanic and Old Yiddish: A Real or Imagined Connection?
  • A. Beider: Czech lands as the cradle of Eastern Yiddish.
  • J. van Straten: Demography and the dissemination of Yiddish in Eastern Europe.
  • M. Gajek: Das Diaphonem ei|ai als Reflex des altslawischen Lautes ě im Jiddischen.
25 October 2012 - 26 October 2012