International Association of Yiddish Clubs 15th Conference

The 15th conference of the International Association of Yiddish Clubs will take place in april 2013 in Pittsburgh:

"Discover Yiddish Culture, as you  embark on a journey of a thousand years and fall in love, along the way.  Experience a multi-sensory explosion of Yiddish Culture.

Hear scholars of Yiddish present in English or Yiddish.    Explore perspectives with art, literature, history, music with keynote speakers and four simultaneous breakout sessions.  Participate in workshops, art projects.  Get up close and personal with exhibitors.  Hear historical lullabies and the latest rhythms to give a new twist to traditional Yiddish music and entice you into their genre.   Shop for music, books, crafts, jewelry and gifts galore.  Find rare volumes and contemporary selections.  Mingle with other Yiddish lovers and return home with friendships from near and far.

Visual arts and films, Klezmer music, ensembles, ethnic folk dancing tantalize and energize you. The Computer Lab is new this year with individualized instruction on entering and enjoying the Yiddish world online.  Experience Historical characters come to life as they interact with you.  Accesorize your outfit with Bubbe’s apron or Zeyde’s pocketwatch, while you listen to centuries of political activists reach into a treasure trove of resistance and fire as Yiddish prose takes on a life of its own, reflecting current complexities.   We intend to open the portal of Yiddish life and usher you in.

After a day packed with excitement and an evening of dining and entertainment, we’ll tuck you into bed with Yiddish Lullabies … only to glance back and see you sneak downstairs for our more intimate Nightly Retreat, “Yiddish in Slippers: A Dream Sequence”.   Sleep before you arrive.   We promise you four unforgettable days that will last forever."

26 April 2013 - 29 April 2013