Congress for Jewish Culture

The Congress for Jewish Culture, or Alveltlekher Yidisher kultur-kongres, is an organisation devoted to promoting Yiddish: "The Congress for Jewish Culture was founded in 1948 as an umbrella organization serving a dozen other Jewish groups of varied political and cultural stripes. Our goal is to promote Yiddish language and culture; to foster all aspects of Yiddish creativity; and to respond to the Yiddish cultural and educational needs of the American as well as international communities. The Congress attempts to achieve these objectives through a varied program of activities, such as concerts, publications, and art exhibits."

The Congress also publishes the Yiddish literary journal Di Tsukunft (see also this entry in the media section). 

In 1953 the Congress united with the Central Yiddish Cultural Organization (CYCO), or Tsentrale Yiddishe kulturele organizatsye, which was founded in 1937. CYCO operates as a bookstore and publishing imprint of the Congress. The CYCO bookstore can be found here.